This site I, Nathan Goodman, created to showcase my past, present and future involvements with art, music, and society. If you want to get right to the music and stories, head to the Music History page.

Nathan Goodman with his first paycheck from The Leather Bottle Inn - Michigan
Nathan Goodman with his first paycheck from The Leather Bottle Inn – Michigan

For this bio, I shall start you off with a bit of history. I started in the music industry at a very young age. I played my first payed gig on drums when I was 3 years old, December 8th, 1980 with my parent’s poprock band in Detroit, MI. Since that day I delved into the music scene and have been involved in different genres including: rock, jazz, fusion, funk, and techno and electronic. I’veddoodle_welcomeplanets played with bands

Nathan Goodman - child drummer performance
Nathan playing with his parents at the Bumper Club – South Detroit, Michigan

such as Forte, Sozo, The Talented Band, Rudderhead Lounge, Thula, New to You, and Cut to Scene.

kellydoodle1In 2003 I finished a solo CD that I recorded and engineered and titled Dust Particles. I still write, compose, record, and produces many styles of music. There are many MP3s available for free on the music pages.

Nathan Goodman
Nathan Goodman

I write and record to inspire people. To see things within them and each other. Sound is something we can relate to. A basic communication. I hear things, and express them best I can thru an instrument or microphone.


Nathan Goodman - childhood


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