Dust Particles

Dust Particles - First Full Length Album from Nathan Goodman
Dust Particles album cover

Dust Particles was the first official CD release from Nathan Goodman as a solo artist. He wrote every song, played every instrument, sang, recorded, engineered, and produced it himself! He says the writting goes back to 1995 though the album release was 2003. It covers a wide range of styles and generes and is still a favorite playlist on many ipods. This sound was taken live and became Nucleotides. This is what he says about the process of writing, playing each instruement, and recording by yourself:

“To get a full band sound I became each player when I picked up an instrument. I put on the attitude and persona of the part. I also developed rules. For example, the song Raw Funkage. I wanted that raw jazz sound you hear on the radio where these great musicians are in a room together and just jamming live on the air. Someone kicks off a riff and they build on it and the sound eventually explodes. So that was the goal and I asked myself how do I achieve this as one person? So the rule was, play each track once and whatever happens, thats the take! So I had an idea of the riff as the bass player, so I started with a bass track and took my first take. Then layed the drum track in one take, and picked up the guitar, etc. until the song expanded to what it became. There were small rules like this that I strictly enforced apon myself throughout the creation of this album and all music I record solo.”

Nathan played his first show at 3 years old! Check out his bio.