nucleo-gather_in_timeNathan’s solo project went live in winter of ’05. He then started recording more tracks and released a single EP inspired by the new live sound and the crowd reactions. Some of the performers included Ben Grey, Alan Ragant, Steven (the Scientist) Morris, Joby Kaslowski, and Justin Drummer.

Rudderhead Lounge

Rudderhead Lounge Album Cover
Ruddhead Lounge Album Cover

Rick Wallagora, Joe Moultrup, Josh Clemens, Mike Schneider, and Nathan Goodman. This 5 piece thrash-jazz band toured the midwest major cities and college campuses. Some of the finest music north of Chicago. Two shows happened to have been captured to video tape (see youtube videos below). After Nathan’s departure and Rick entering priesthood, Rudderhead Lounge became The Blend, who then became: The Edit Concern.

Ruddhead Lounge - Rick, Joe, Josh, Mike, and Nathan Goodman
From left: Rick, Joe, Josh, Mike, and Nathan


Rudderhead Lounge live jazz
Rudderhead Lounge in practice space