nucleo-gather_in_timeNathan’s solo project went live in winter of ’05. He then started recording more tracks and released a single EP inspired by the new live sound and the crowd reactions. Some of the performers included Ben Grey, Alan Ragant, Steven (the Scientist) Morris, Joby Kaslowski, and Justin Drummer.

Lil Anthony & Nathan

MetalickaAlso known as: Metalicka (pronounced Metal Licka), purposely doing this as an attempt to irritate the such copyrighted band. This project never got a singer or bass player and had to close the books on it. This was definitely some perceptive music that didn’t get the attention it deserved. Never playing a show, Lil Anthony and Nathan recorded a few tracks in Nate’s Cave in 2000. We would be very interested in hearing any vocals that anyone would like to add to these. Feel free to add a vocal on top of these tracks and send to