New To You

New to You Album cover
New To You Album Cover

Also written as – Nu2U – New2You – NewToYou, Joshua Harden (former singer/guitarist for Pistis) teamed up with Nathan in spring of ’06 to create some hard driving indie rock. They picked up, Thomas Lenz, on bass and recorded a few songs.




nucleo-gather_in_timeNathan’s solo project went live in winter of ’05. He then started recording more tracks and released a single EP inspired by the new live sound and the crowd reactions. Some of the performers included Ben Grey, Alan Ragant, Steven (the Scientist) Morris, Joby Kaslowski, and Justin Drummer.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas Music
Andrew Thomas

Indy artist, Andrew Thomas releases his first full length CD. Nathan produced and played drums on 3 tracks and produced/mastered a few other songs. A wonderful album.



Seize the Day – The Band

Seize the Day band cover
Seize the Day band cover

Also known as Hopcraft. This band was formed specifically to play at the Lake Brantley High Battle of the Bands 2005. Members included Sean Hopcraft, John Little, Wade, Drake, and Nathan. They recorded a 3 song demo in the studio.

Dust Particles

Dust Particles - First Full Length Album from Nathan Goodman
Dust Particles album cover

Dust Particles was the first official CD release from Nathan Goodman as a solo artist. He wrote every song, played every instrument, sang, recorded, engineered, and produced it himself! He says the writting goes back to 1995 though the album release was 2003. It covers a wide range of styles and generes and is still a favorite playlist on many ipods. This sound was taken live and became Nucleotides. This is what he says about the process of writing, playing each instruement, and recording by yourself:

“To get a full band sound I became each player when I picked up an instrument. I put on the attitude and persona of the part. I also developed rules. For example, the song Raw Funkage. I wanted that raw jazz sound you hear on the radio where these great musicians are in a room together and just jamming live on the air. Someone kicks off a riff and they build on it and the sound eventually explodes. So that was the goal and I asked myself how do I achieve this as one person? So the rule was, play each track once and whatever happens, thats the take! So I had an idea of the riff as the bass player, so I started with a bass track and took my first take. Then layed the drum track in one take, and picked up the guitar, etc. until the song expanded to what it became. There were small rules like this that I strictly enforced apon myself throughout the creation of this album and all music I record solo.”

Nathan played his first show at 3 years old! Check out his bio.

Rudderhead Lounge

Rudderhead Lounge Album Cover
Ruddhead Lounge Album Cover

Rick Wallagora, Joe Moultrup, Josh Clemens, Mike Schneider, and Nathan Goodman. This 5 piece thrash-jazz band toured the midwest major cities and college campuses. Some of the finest music north of Chicago. Two shows happened to have been captured to video tape (see youtube videos below). After Nathan’s departure and Rick entering priesthood, Rudderhead Lounge became The Blend, who then became: The Edit Concern.

Ruddhead Lounge - Rick, Joe, Josh, Mike, and Nathan Goodman
From left: Rick, Joe, Josh, Mike, and Nathan


Rudderhead Lounge live jazz
Rudderhead Lounge in practice space










The Talented Band

Ryan Babbs in Talented Band
Ryan Babbs singing in The Talented Band live performance

Included Ryan Babbs, Kevin Ryan, Kipp, Nathan Goodman, and occasionally Scott Singmaster. They played a hand full of shows in summer of 2000, and recorded a few songs live in Kipp’s jam room. Most of the  music was made-up on the spot. The recording of Mexican Song was the 3rd time it was ever played. The first time it was played was at the first show. The first show went like this. Nathan called Kevin and asked him and Ryan if they wanted to go play an open mic that night. They agreed and headed over to Nathan’s garage where they threw some riffs together then packed up and headed out. They showed up to a very large crowd at the outdoor patio bar and stage at Broadway Pizza in Altamonte Springs, FL. They shocked the crowd leaving dropped jaws and cheers of joy. That night ended with the cops showing up. Like most Talented Band shows.

They recorded a few songs live at a rehearsal in Kipp’s jam room.


Lil Anthony & Nathan

MetalickaAlso known as: Metalicka (pronounced Metal Licka), purposely doing this as an attempt to irritate the such copyrighted band. This project never got a singer or bass player and had to close the books on it. This was definitely some perceptive music that didn’t get the attention it deserved. Never playing a show, Lil Anthony and Nathan recorded a few tracks in Nate’s Cave in 2000. We would be very interested in hearing any vocals that anyone would like to add to these. Feel free to add a vocal on top of these tracks and send to

Space Trash

Space Trash - Electronic dance musicA techno house project of Nathan Goodman of Detroit Techno and Garrett Redman of Orlando’s house and rave scene. Sporadically grabbing sound samples from Ewoks, Jawas, classic rock songs, machinery, and Boch symphony they created a non-dated electronic album that is desired by many. Drop-in friends will regularly find them in “the lab” where they would be conjuring up new beats and synth sounds from vintage analog instruments during a constant consumption of green smoke.